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I want to use a copy of my postgres db. I don't understand how datomic decides what storage (and transactor) it should use. At the moment it appears to ignore the db details in the url that I give it and just uses the datomic db name. This means that it uses the original db not the copy


For example this: (def uri "datomic:<sql://live?jdbc:postgresql://postgres:5430/datomic_dev?user=datomic_dev_admin&password=pass%22|sql://live?jdbc:postgresql://postgres:5430/datomic_dev?user=datomic_dev_admin&password=pass">) seems to happily use a db called datomic_live


Ok, I guess I need to overwrite the pod-coord entry

Matt Butler16:04:56

Is there a way to get/calculate the total segments in a db? (potentially via cloudwatch?) trying to calculate the % progress of a backup.