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omg… that feeling when you’ve been doing something for a while and then you GET THE GREAT IDEA “it would be so cool if Clojure supported this” and then (of course) you discover that it was always supported 😂


(let [#:omg-im-not-typing-this{:keys [display-name]} {:omg-im-not-typing-this/display-name "Mars"}]


=> “Mars”


aka de-structuring namespaced maps without always typing the full namespace… just WORKS 😂


… wait maybe there’s something not quite supported in here actually


gonna move to the main chat


Would you use this? An app that organizes the latest technology videos into specific trending topics and sends you the ones that are most interesting to you.


how does it send the ones that are most interesting to me


Are there people who consume just tech videos daily ? I would prefer to fast-read tech articles …. videos are only applicable to niche product related tech news … I’m not sure I want an app just for tech videos ..... I can see this work with general funny videos …. I know people who’s main form of entertainment is the endless loop of youtube videos ….. but then why would that app be any different that youtube ?


I like to watch videos first before reading about a technology. I absorb reading better if I have buckets in my brain to file the stuff away — and videos are better at building the buckets.. Written media is better at filling the buckets.


Basically it deliver the videos through video feeds like Facebook. Kllect has recommendation feeds on particular topics, as well as overall recommendation feeds.


Thank you for your feedback!😀 That’s really an interesting insight. Would you use this product if we expand our video topics beyond technology, and provides niche topics in business, startups, science, politics, and entertainment?


I personally won’t … but that’s only because I’m not a video person .... videos can be slow and you can’t skip to the relevant parts like you can while reading .... I think you should pivot or create another app in parallel that does niche videos for entertainment .... animal videos, funny videos, sports videos etc etc .... that is somehow different than youtube .... This might be something that is off-interest for you guys .... but this could get you more users for similar efforts (re-using the code from your current app) .... just my $0.02


That’s a really interesting insight. I wonder how would you discovery the videos before reading about a technology? And usually on what platform? Do you think Kllect will help you to achieve your goal for building the “buckets”?


I think @U10B0BPJP is talking specifically about theoretical technology material .... he likes to learn by first watching videos and then reading the material .... if this is the case then this is not the use case for kllect ....