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@wilkerlucio I’ve copied the namespace into my project and have built my own Reconciler and Indexer to have an like experience with Rum (still work in progress). So in a way I’m already including Om in my project. The downside was that I had to figure out what I had to include and how it worked. A seperate project would make it easier for others to figure this out and in return maybe contribute back to the parts that are shared. But then again maybe it’s too early


Is there a library similiar to for om?


Don't think so @dzannotti. Clojurescript already provides a lot of utility for working with functions and data that you might need a library like lodash for.


@danielstockton recompose idea is to use HoC to manipulate props/store state (rather than a single atom re-frame way)


Are you talking about om or Also, is there a specific problem you're trying to find a solution to?


just om, no problem i'm specifically trying to solve, I just like the way recompose constructs apps, and was looking for something similiar


Just om uses a single atom (re-frame way) but has cursors so that each component knows where to update in the overall state. Otherwise, I'm not familiar with recompose at all, I'm afraid.