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you can’t delete, but you can rename


@robert-stuttaford I was thinking about Excision. But I realize excision is only for data @jdkealy.

Matt Butler11:10:27

Are there any recommended JVM settings/args for an application running a Datomic peer? heapsize etc.


@jdkealy The recommended approach would be as suggested by @robert-stuttaford : to rename the incorrect attribute (i.e. myname-DEPRECATED) and create a new, correctly typed attribute for use using the now-freed original name

Matt Butler15:10:48

@jaret Thanks for this, super useful 🙂


Will deprecated attribute show up in pulls? Or I'd need to retract the datoms too?

Matt Butler15:10:23

On a unrelated note If I have a query that is concerned about the existence of datums that were transacted around a certain time period (say 2 weeks ago from whenever the query is run) how is it best to test this query? Do I add datums and overide the :tx/instant on the transaction to be 2 weeks ago or do I allow my query to pretend now is 2 weeks in the future and transact the data to query as normal?


@misha you mean if you pull * ?


in the case mentioned above, there were no datoms yet transacted against the attribute if you pull everything, then yes the deprecated ones will show up, so you’d need to retract them


i am going to use peer as http rest for now. are there any resources discussing how to deploy such peer on AWS?


I’m trying to add aleph to a project that uses datomic-pro, but I’m running into deps conflicts over netty


@jfntn what version of Datomic?


Using the latest version of both i.e. [com.datomic/datomic-pro “0.9.5404”]


i believe that thread is discussing an older version of Datomic


the latest uses a much more recent netty


Looks like aleph depends on Netty 4.1.0, while datomic pro -> activemq ->Netty 4.0.39


I tried to use aleph’s version of netty and that breaks datomic


I just tried to run aleph’s test suite with netty 4.0.39 but it won’t compile, looks like a catch22 here?


@marshall thanks saw this thread but the solution at the end didn’t work for me