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I'm having trouble with serving my image assets. They are not showing in sources on Chrome devtools. I am currently using the Tenzing template with Rum and Garden. It appears there is a Get request being made to css as the root directory and I don't know how to change this as it is not specified in the build.boot file.


@grounded_sage is the repo public somewhere?


Is it possible to have something that runs once after watch has happened once? It's a bit confusing to start my system before new assets have been created (especially given the 100s initial build time)


Currently taking advantage of my idempotent components, and start the system again after each file change. Concerned this might not be very efficient, and have unintended side-effects as the system grows.


@dominicm you could have a task that tracks the number of times it's been ran and only run it on the second invocation


@hiredman why does show not work?


@martinklepsch Yeah, that's going to be my fallback. I was kinda hoping there would be some trick to the pre/post fileset stuff, but I don't think there is.


feels like a clean solution to me 🙂


@martinklepsch this build has tasks that add dependencies, so to show everything it all needs to be composed together


@mikebelanger, just fyi, I figured out my problem. I was using (cljs :ids #{“app"}). When I moved app.cljs.edn to src/cljs/js/app.cljs.edn, I also needed to update to use (cljs :ids #{“js/app"}), thanks again for the second pair of eyes


that link you mentioned really helped 👍


@micha @alandipert Finished listening to the Cognicast. Well done, it was a nice conversation. But now I can't take a certain image of teeth out of my head. 🙂


So, boot parses a from the command line as adding an additional task to the pipeline; is there any concept of running more than one pipeline?


In my case, instead of a docker/init and a docker/build-image pair of tasks, I’d like to merge them into a single task, with the merged task invoking docker as a side effect during post.


But if I want a single execution of boot to build two images, I need to run the pipeline twice (not nested).