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@bbktsk if you add lots of printlns you'll see that updating the points for a user results in a mutate call keyed on that user (which would be as you'd expect). This is then followed by one or two calls to read ~ :list/one and :list/two as required. Something is determining that your updated person is in one or both of those lists and triggering the read.


get-people splices the per-person data into the list. This is then followed by a render at the Person level (I don't see the RootView or ListView being re-rendered. So a second something is presumably taking the data from the read list and feeding it into the Person ~ which I guess is why you don't see your Person query doing anything, get-people ignores it.


I am shooting from the hip a bit. As @dzannotti suggests, I think reading the code is the way to properly figure it out.


any ideas what could be causing No protocol method IIndexer.key->components defined for type null ?


Is there an idiomatic way to push a remote state update to an om next app?


I think this would be the server streaming page on the wiki that's currently "coming soon"


@darwin thanks for your work on dirac


I use it everyday


@jasonjckn thanks, I’m glad you find it useful 🙂