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I'm worried that would impact ingestion performance too much. I want to be able to ingest about 100,000 encounters per minute. testing as it is (without a transaction function) I'm already left with not too much headroom.


how can I remove or deprecate a attribute in an existing schema-file ?


@x1n4u: one simple way is to remove the code from your schema.edn with a good git commit message, and then to make a new attr ':some-suitable-ns/deprecated-reason' as a string, and then transact a message to that attr on the attribute you're deprecating: [[:db/add (d/entid db :your/old-attribute) :your/deprecated-reason "We don't sell widgets any more, so we no longer need this schema."]]. then, if you really want to, you can wrap d/transact with your own function that checks all the attrs you're writing to and warns if any of them have a deprecated message


i have a query that calls a custom function. I'm trying to find out what the value of the parameters of the function call are. I've updated the logback.xml file to turn on logging for namespace of my custom function, restarted datomic, but I don't see the logging. Am I approaching this wrong? How does one inspect the values of function arguments for custom function in a datomic query?