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I see protocol is hardcoded to "http" when (= client-type :http). Could this be configurable so the user could specify https?


Certainly. We would accept a PR for that


Ok cool. I'll hopefully get to it soon


I may have asked this question before but so I will apologize in advance, lol. We have the need to write/query a couple DB’s ( cassandra/elasticsearch) in our trigger. What is the best way to deal with DB connections so we don’t have to reconnect every time the trigger is called ( if possible )?


@camechis: You have access to the Event map in the sync function. Use lifecycles to add connections to the event map before the task starts.


nice, sounds good. I thought this might be possible, refreshing my memory will the lifecycle run each time? For instance it can double check the connection and reset if it needs to be?


@camechis: lifecycle/before-task-start will run only once. You could throw an exception if the connection has been closed and configure the task to restart when it throws. Then the lifecycle will be run again. If I remember correctly, that is.


We support cassandra migrations


good to know, This is all brand new dev so we don’t currently have anything to migrate