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Al Baker13:07:43

lmergen will do - we've used Snap CI, but their builds will often terminate early for no reason on our side, and they seem to refuse to fix it - "just run another one", not great for very large projects that take an hour to build

Al Baker13:07:40

I emailed circle CI, which mentions scale in their website description but I don't see any explicit features like pick your EC2 type or something


yes, that's a common attitude. seems like these CI tools optimize for the 80% case, but that leaves us with a pretty annoying problem


anyway, i'm trying to figure something out that uses AWS lambda, or another way to parallelize


because that appears to be the only sane way to do this


Everything optimizes for the 80% case I think, and eventually everything dips into the 20% cases of a domain


out of curiousity, what do your integration test times (i.e., git clone and lein test) look like ? for us right now, one of our biggest projects is at +- 20 minutes, and it starts to become a problem when many people are working on that code -- for which the only solution would be 'throw money at travis'


I'd go with on-premises CI in this case, e.g.


It's not as horrible as Jenkins :)

Al Baker18:07:51

lmergen: circleci enterprise has a large instance, but no different types -- our builds are 1hour+


yeah, exactly, that's pretty annoying