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Petrus Theron09:07:17

Is there a helper lib to render cache-busting JS file links in Hiccup, Ring or Boot? E.g. <script src="/app.js?ver={{git_sha or unix timestamp}}” ...>

Petrus Theron09:07:46

Ideally via something like (include-js “app.js” :bust-cache true), which would happen on server page generation.


hello fellow clojurians


working on developing an online radio


what libs would you recommend for the interface -> the colorful elipsis are animated... and when you click on any of them they get extended and some section of the page appears


hey all - I'm looking for a quick solution to 'pretty-print' clojure data structures to a foldable/explorable html for dumping onto the page, so I can see how the data changes underneath - any existing libraries that do that?


@cmdrdats: you could do that in devtools console with cljs-devtools:


@darwin json-html looks almost there (though, collapsable nodes would be nice)


if you really wanted to write custom renderer to be placed directly in your page, it should be possible to reuse cljs-devtools internals


upcoming v0.8 will internally produce hiccup-like data structure, which can be then rendered by hand see this file:


thanks @darwin - I'll probably look into clj-devtools down the line - need something lightweight for now


cool, didn’t know about data-frisk


Some one know a lib to manipulate ODF in browser ?


Is it possible/advisable to enable a reader conditional feature for a specific CLJS build?


I'd like to enable certain features in my code in dev builds only, including requiring certain namespaces


@petrus: there is a GCL lib cal that does this, I don't know it off hand but I use it in figwheel client file reloading


Was wondering if anyone here has used re-frame/devcards and developed any successful strategies / best practices for developing components with devcards that use re-frame state?


I'm hoping to put some time in this week to get something written up in the re-frame and devcards wikis if I can get something working with it


@peeja: not sure what you mean and not clear how you would accomplish that (if you mean what I think you mean)


@dnolen: I mean: Is it possible to instruct the compiler to read my code with the feature :my-feature on?


(from the compiler options, or something similar)


For instance, I'd like to be able to include devcards in the same namespaces as the components they demonstrate, but strip them out entirely in production. Devcards has a macro that hides code when devcards is off, but I still have to include the devcards library in production, because I still have to require it.

Alex Miller (Clojure team)18:07:06

@peeja reader conditional features are not open - they can only be used for the platform tags


Ah, okay. Why does the reader take a set of them, then?

Alex Miller (Clojure team)18:07:41

future possible expansion

Alex Miller (Clojure team)18:07:12

earlier (non-released) versions of reader conditionals did allow for custom features but we pruned things way back


Ah, got it.