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Is it possible in datahike to explicitly specify the txInstant as in datomic for backfill of data?

(d/transact conn {:tx-data [{:inv/sku "SKU-42"
                             :inv/color :green}
                            [:db/add "datomic.tx" :db/txInstant #inst "2001"]]})


Hi @U6CN6JQ22, did not actually find an example for transacting this but since Datahike stores txInstant you should be able to transact this as well... maybe @UB95JRKM3 or @UQVCR784A can elaborate? are the docs on time variance. Probably it needs some update on transacting as well as We are happy to take a merge request if you want to update them.


Hi @U4GEXTNGZ thanks for the answer! I was evaluating different datalog databases, I have strong needs for backfill of data out of time and recreate the past, and after having a look at xtdb too, it seems to be exactly what I need with the valid_time feature


Sure no problem, though sad to hear you are not using Datahike 😉