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Hi guys • We have machines dev1, dev2, devN running nREPL on the same port (7777) • We sometimes need to connect to multiple machines and preferably not have to kill CIDER's nREPL connection before connecting to another machine • Would it make sense to change nrepl--ssh-tunnel-connect such that it used a random unused local port (i.e. not just forward remote 7777 -> local 7777)? I don't mind implementing this myself and making a PR, just wanted to sanity-check that the behaviour proposal makes sense


That sounds reasonable. Although writing up an issue and and posting a potential solution would be a good idea. Off the top of my head I don’t see why you don’t just connect to to the nrepl port on that machine directly


Right, yea I'll do that. I can't connect directly because only way is through a bastion host


ah i'm surprised it works through cider. i figured you'd have to open those tunnels manually with the correct identify file


I think it's because if you don't specify an identity file SSH commands default to id_rsa (which I use)