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Bryce Tichit15:11:56

Hey guys sorry for the delay, was travelling and didn't have Slack on my phone The idea of writing the logic in CLJS and the views in JS looks good, I have to say that I don't plan to hire a team (maybe a freelancer for short period) and plan to stay a solo dev. I think in the end whether my app will be in CLJS will depend if I outsource it or not, because I will not write JS code by myself I'm way better using CLJS because I'm a functional programmer. I think that CLJS is a better choice, will definitely look into the idea of having the logic in CLJS and the views in JS Thanks a lot !


you can see an example of a project that does it this way here Its using helix + js, though there are some cljs views too, you can mix and match. Mainly we did js because we can copy paste from rather than translating all the time, but its also useful for interop. JS isn’t so bad if you don’t do any logic in it

Bryce Tichit16:11:45

Thanks a lot !

Bryce Tichit16:11:11

It's pure gold, I'm definitely going the road of views in JS/logic in CLJS thanks a lot for sharing

Bryce Tichit16:11:41

Just looked at the code, I have to say it's really nice