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Sebastian Allard15:11:08

Hey, We got some trouble with datomic-cloud. We deleted a Dynamodb table and then restored it and now it is not possible to write to it (we can still read data). We get the following exception when we try to create a transaction:

"exception": {
            "type": "app-name.exception/standard",
            "app-name": {
                "message": "Unable to persist transaction.",
                "status": 500,
                "extra-info": {
                    "datomic.client-spi/context-id": "context-id...",
                    "cognitect.anomalies/category": "cognitect.anomalies/fault",
                    "datomic.client-spi/exception": "java.lang.NullPointerException",
                    "datomic.client-spi/root-exception": "java.lang.NullPointerException",
                    "cognitect.anomalies/message": "java.lang.NullPointerException with empty message",
                    "dbs": [
                            "database-id": "db-id-here...",
                            "t": 18381,
                            "next-t": 18382,
                            "history": false
                    "ex-type": "transaction"
        "db": {
            "name": null,
            "t": 18381,
            "id": "db-id-here..."
Is there anyone familiar with using datomic cloud and AWS? Grateful for any help!

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Hi @allard.valtech what is the nature of this DB? Is this a test DB or a production system? Deleting underlying storage and restoring from a restore point is generally not supported in Datomic Cloud.


Did you delete any other durable storage resources? listed here in our docs?