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Daniel Slutsky14:07:11

Following our experience with the #visual-tools dev group, we are announcing data-recur: a group for recurring updates & discussions around the emerging Clojure data stack. Thanks, @mars0i, for the name idea. 🙏 The group's page: Our first monthly meeting will be on the last Friday of July:


I just have to say that I really like the new scicloj website! (though I may be very late to the party)

Daniel Slutsky09:07:50

Thanks, @U3X7174KS! It helps to know. It is just a few markdown files using the Hugo theme (though it took some time to pick a theme and learn how to use it 😳). Thanks to @U0KPTENQ6 for the concept of structure and mentoring me in the process. It will hopefully be better when, one day, somebody figures out a simple searchable & sortable UI for That page is somewhat artificial in its static tree structure. We need a more dynamic way to look into these things.

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> Ui for libraries > Hmm, that's an interesting problem

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Daniel Slutsky09:07:29

The tree structure forces us to decide, e.g., whether Clojask is a dataframe library or a parallel computing library. 🤷 Figuring out a more dynamic UI would probably be useful for other lists & websites as well.

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Looks like you've all done a great job curating libraries and resources!

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> Help building the website and knowledge base # > > The scicloj website would love to have more people involved in it. Contributing to the content organization, writing opinionated blog posts, helping with the aesthetics – all would be welcome. > Are there other "knowledge base" related topics than libraries you're interested in exploring?

Daniel Slutsky10:07:01

I think if we figure out that kind of dynamic UI, then tutorials, blog posts & videos would eventually deserve a similar solution. Also, of course, other parts of the Clojure ecosystem could enjoy that too.

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Daniel Slutsky10:07:06

Even a component with decent aesthetics, that can be generated from some EDN behind the scences, would be more comfortable than the current structure, I think. Of course, probably somebody can come up with a more fascinating & cool solution.

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Daniel Slutsky11:07:39

Interesting! I'm so happy that you had that train ride.

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Idea for driving with data: Kinda half baked, my train ride is over now. Then other experiments can just consume the raw edn.


@U02108ERRU5's homepage has a more dynamic approach than the normal hierarchy:

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Daniel Slutsky15:07:53

@U3X7174KS I haven't played with your code yet, but I really think it is a step in the direction we need. 🙏

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I'm currently up in the mountains on 4G / battery / solar panel. So I might just go completely offline for a while. Looking forward to chat more about this later 🙂

Daniel Slutsky22:07:56

Oh wonderful! 🙏 Best wishes for your time in the mountains.

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Daniel Slutsky12:07:21

@U3X7174KS I just merged the PR, thanks for this brilliant plan. Also, sent you an invite to the relevant github team, so that you could push changes. Would you like to comment in the README about the new way to generate the libs page?

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Ok - note that some of the text is worse than what it was before I made the changes! But just fixing that as we go is totally fine with me. Agreed that we'll need a README section explaining how to generate the page. Ideally I'd also like to see CI fail if the page hasn't been generated properly. I'll look into it!