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I'm looking for help with building a new React Native app in Clojure. It's an event listing app for the Web3 space being built from scratch. This is a freelance position, remote, and flexible. A good opportunity to try a new framework or to learn native app development. Both novice and experienced devs are welcome to reach out. You can send me a DM if you are interested or have questions. Thanks!


Hi Jesse 👋 I've sent a DM.

Adina Cazalens09:07:34

In case you are more interested in building mobile application with any platform and not only React Native, you should take a look at ClojureDart 😉 which supports Flutter

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Thanks for the tip! I've been following ClojureDart, really excited to see it develop this quick. We don't want to risk that new a technology for this app so are going with RN - but good to have options 🙂