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Cora (she/her)00:07:33

spending my time on the important stuff

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I'd like to request the ability to flip clockwise or counterclockwise an arbitrary number of times. It's very frustrating when the other guy keeps fixing the table.

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Cora (she/her)01:07:14

that'd be fun! want to remix it and give it a shot?


I have a paper due in a couple hours, so my brain says that sounds like a solid plan

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I know nothing about CSS animations, but here is my abomination

Cora (she/her)04:07:01

this is great!!

Cora (she/her)04:07:12

did you get your paper turned in??

Cora (she/her)04:07:35

do you have a twitter so I can tag you?


This has been fun to mess around with πŸ™‚, plus I leveled up my CSS animation knowledge from nothing to almost nothing.

Cora (she/her)03:07:27

glitch is fun like that. this was a first for me with animation too


hello, clojure remote job (like from another country, i live in greece) is possible? in greece we dont have many jobs like 3-4 clojure jobs online i find


You're in the EU? There's a good number of EU only #remote-jobs that come up


i joined thank you lsenjov, you think that someone that likes clojure, sooner or later will get a job even remote?


Absolutely no idea. Depends on your skills/experience and how much you're chasing. But it's absolutely possible


Yeap its possible, I live in South East Asia where there are even less Clojure jobs. I managed to get a remote job eventually. It just took quite a long time πŸ˜…


quite a long time, like years? you had trouble getting a remote job(like rejected you)? or finding a remote job in general? you were like experienced clojure programmer or like new programmer that likes clojure?


Yeah, like about 2 years. The main problem was finding a remote job that would accept my timezones (+8GMT) I was a Ruby/JS dev before, this is my first Clojure job.


Happy Friday/weekend!

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