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Alex Miller (Clojure team)13:07:08

FYI, as I mentioned in today's Deref, we are working on a plan for Clojure/conj. Currently, it looks like we won't have an event this fall but most likely it will be late spring in Durham, NC.

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Daniel Slutsky14:07:23

Following our experience with the #visual-tools dev group, we are announcing data-recur: a group for recurring updates & discussions around the emerging Clojure data stack. Thanks, @mars0i, for the name idea. 🙏 The group's page: Our first monthly meeting will be on the last Friday of July:

Daniel Slutsky08:07:43

See you at the first data-recur monthly meeting tomorrow. ☝️

Daniel Slutsky15:07:09

See you in 20 minutes at the first data-recur monthly meeting.