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Is there some resources on serving models in production on the JVM from Clojure or interop? Or someone that does it that would like to be interviewed a bit, and I'll create those resources. The blog post(s) I'd like to read or write, is something with a theme like "Machine Learning in Production with Clojure" and learn about: • training and re-training models • serving the model (doing inference) • evaluating model accuracy • understanding resource costs • library choices • plugging into a data science workflow

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Thanks, I'll do that 🙂


Hello, I am currently trying to do some physics simulations and I want to plot out the data that comes out. I would like to use something that is not based on vega but rather something simillar to matplotlib.


Most things in the ecosystem in general are based on Vega but there are some things that may help you: • cljplot - • tech.viz has a that is based on vega but it also has code that renders that vega to svg. So you can get the vega, write it as svg and then open a viewer.


I should also mention that pyplot is just a quick thing I whipped up while working with a friend who was using matplotlib. It is very minimal and would need a bit of work to support the features of pyplot and help with cross-platform show functionality. Currently show only works on linux.