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I enjoy using as a test runner for Clojure. I saw package that runs Kaocha test runner from within Emacs. Would this be of interest to add to the Spacemacs Clojure layer? I am thinking of proposing adding it as an optional feature, turned on by a Clojure layer variable. Does this sound useful? Thanks.


I have that setup manually so it would be useful to me


After getting things wrong a lot last night, I figured out how to add it correctly (well working) this morning. I'll raise an issue on Spacemacs and then submit a PR (hopefully by the end of today)


Some of the benefits of using Kaocha seem to be • using fail-fast tests, so you dont have to wait for a full test run to end • a bit faster to run than cider-test, especially after the initial run (I assume its only running tests that have changed) I'll try out some of the other kaocha features and see if they are applicable.


I've raises a feature request issue on Spacemace repository, with the rough example code to add kaocha-runner as an optional feature. It has key bindings that seem to be sensible to me, feel free to comment


I've raises a pull request to add kaocha-runner package to the Clojure layer