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@aaelony If I remember well, you asked about some comparison with NumPy the other day. The latest article might be interesting to you.

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thanks for the call-out, will definitely take a look!


excellent post and writeup! Thanks for that!


omg - it is hacker news that is flawed, lol...


I dislike the way HN will change the font color (to make it less visible) of posts the editors do not agree with, even if it is valid


@aaelony The editors do not change any color of the posts. I believe the color was greyed out (for you) because your browser did that since you had previously visited my article. If anything, I have reasons to believe that the mods on HN have been sympathetic to my posts so far (or at least neutral).


And if you're referring to the greyed out color of the posts in the discussion, that is not done by mods, but by downvoting by users (sometimes unfair, but what can you do).


ah, I wish the color would be left unchanged, despite downvotes.

agigao13:04:06 COVID-19 related grants for academics, not sure about legitimacy though.