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@borkdude giving sci a spin for replacing bootstrap cljs, working really well so far! One tiny nitpick is that I have to actually pass bindings like js/console.log compared to having access to it with bootstrap, but that's probably a feature not a bug. One issue that I would like to solve is not having sci throw when called with wrong arity. I'm writing a clj wrapper for a JS library, and often in JS library world accessor functions can be called with variadic arguments. Could throw-arity be disabled with a flag perhaps?


I tried to add a flag do disable the variadic args check but I feel like I'm messing about sci too much without understanding consequences. Besides I found out that (fn [f & args]) works and that's fine, slightly different from regular cljs but whatever.


@hobosarefriends to bad, I'm afraid it wasn't the last one. Had to move stuff myself, so could stay till the end. But can cast ClojureD again now.


Morning 👋


@bbss You consider it a feature that JS / CLJS doesn't have arity checking?


There is a PR to improve JS interop but it's not finished. Maybe you could look at reviewing it. Optimally I'd like to split it in multiple smaller PRs accompanied with unit tests.


join #babashka for continued discussion on issues with sci


My "feature not a bug" comment was on that sci doesn't include the js/console bindings by default, unlike bootstrap. But I guess that yes, I think it's a feature that you can call a cljs function with the wrong arity, since JS libraries often use that fact.


@borkdude Edamame is great! Also really cool how you can resolve namespaced keywords


Only thing I'm wondering about, is why decided to start counting cols from 1, instead of 0. Since now it won't work with subs (unless you dec then once of course)


Edamame will make it so much easier for me to write my editor though 🙂


@kevin.van.rooijen cool. I guess 1 or 0 is a detail that can be easily accounted for

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@skuro Can we view yesterday's presentations somewhere?


@borkdude it took some time for the recording to become available for me, so I actually just started the upload into Youtube

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which also takes a while, so I'll keep an eye on that and ping here and twitter when things are visible


in the meanwhile, I made the video public (anonymously, no google sign in required):

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oh! youtube was actually quicker than I thought:


awesome 🙂