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John MacIsaac00:04:29

So, I needed to run the Sh-Cmd-L before running Sh-Cmd-P in the ~/clojure/brave/src/brave/core.js file. Which works now. Thank you @cfleming and @rutledgepaulv In, it says: “This issue is due to the way Clojure creates its namespaces. If you macro expand an ns form (which I recommend you do sometime, it’s interesting to see how it works), you’ll see that it calls in-ns which creates the namespace if it doesn’t exist.” How does one “macro expand an ns form”?


(macroexpand '(ns test-ns))


Or, (clojure.walk/macroexpand-all '(ns test-ns))

John MacIsaac03:04:41

Can cursive IDE display the repl output after a function call, on the same line, within the file? like Light-Table does?


IIRC it's in the planned features.


It is, but it’s not there yet.

John MacIsaac05:04:57

Anyone know how to turn off the wrap line arrows? I find them annoying and unnecessary. They show when the cursor is inside the paragraph and then disappear when the cursor is moved outside of the paragraph:


It's not Cursive, it's the IDEA itself, and I don't think it's configurable.

John MacIsaac05:04:12

Yeah, I couldn’t find it. But there’s a lot to look thru and I’m new to using Intellj+Cursive.


Here's the issue that you can vote on:

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Jakub Holý (HolyJak)12:04:08

Any experiences / tools / tips regarding remote pair programming in Cursive? Thanks!

John MacIsaac15:04:33 includes screen sharing & control and works well - I like the browser version, which contains all the components in one frame, better than the app version, which displays the pieces into different frames (which feel fragmented and require more manipulation).

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Rachel Westmacott14:04:33

I've used Zerotier and TigerVNC to set up a shared graphical session before and then used Google Meet for communication. This has the advantage that it can be used generically with almost any software.

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Rachel Westmacott14:04:48

It can be a bit laggy depending on your internet.


Anyone seeing this error when upgrading to IntelliJ 2020.1? > Unable to save plugin settings: The plugin com.cursiveclojure.cursive failed to save settings and has been disabled. Please restart IntelliJ IDEA


I’m seeing it as well


Is there anything in the log file about this? Help-&gt;Show log in Finder/Explorer


I rolled back this afternoon, but I’ll try again tomorrow and post what I find in the log file.


+1 I've rolled back too.


is there a nice plugin to have selmer templates not look horrible, or should i just turn syntax highlighting off for html in this project? any recommendations would be much appreciated!