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Chris McCormick00:04:54

@scknkkrer i just made a game using ClojureScript for 7DRL jam and i don't think i have another one in me this year.


oh did the lisp game jam start already?


out of curiosity, which framework/libraries do you guys use for gamedev on Clojure?


@doby162, we can arrange that. 😂


@chris358 congratulations, next time maybe ? :man-raising-hand::skin-tone-2:


@mdallastella, there is a Github page for the informations on Clojurescript technologies on game-dev. I’ll find it, wait.

Michael J Dorian14:04:32

@chris358 @scknkkrer sorry I guess I have notifications off for this slack, gotta fix that. I'm working on Witchazzan! The test server is sometimes up at, but it's extremely pre alpha. It's a simulation based on super simple genetic organisms, so the idea is that the game will take place in a world populated by plants and animals that are evolving and competing for their own survival. As you can imagine, this involves a lot of game-engine-creation, I'm basically in the middle of a total rebuild

Michael J Dorian14:04:04

No frameworks, just some websocket libraries for me simple_smile but then, the point was to do a cool clojure thing, not really to get players to play my game

Michael J Dorian23:04:07

Thanks! It's a lot of fun to work on

Chris McCormick23:04:10

a friend and i wrote a bunch of Clojure game dev utils you can find here: (github link at the bottom)