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Guys any recommendations on tools / app / IDE integrations for tracking time ? (FYI - I use emacs as my IDE)


You can give a try to waka time or which have emacs modes


I like them because they mostly work automatically.


@UMA62JW4W if you want to track it in emacs you can give org-clock a try.


I can second wakatime, have it integrated in vim and basically the feature I use the most is that it automatically divide the projects based on path for reports. I just fire up the editor and it starts tracking time automatically. If I stop coding for something like 5-10 minutes, it stops tracking


I use org-pomodoro both for tracking time, but also for committing to (increasing) periods of focused work (although its not quite a pomodoro, as I only commit to one period of focused work at a time, and its often 5 minutes or 15 minutes. Afterwards I'll take a break for as long as I want, although I'll often end up starting again right away -- but by keeping the focus periods short, it never feels like a 'chore'. And being the ever wonderful org mode, its still just plain text I can annotate with all sorts of strange notes, as I've done here with the line divisions and the 'gold - silver - bronze' annotations being used as visual feedback for how much work I've done)

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I use org-clock-in/out alongside tasks I'm working onto :)


I was surprised there was no #specmonstah channel so I created one. Loving this library but it's not trivial so probably good to have a place for questions/discussion


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