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Hey, @viebel. I am writing an article about why to use ClojureDart for Flutter developers. One thesis I want to provide is the Data oriented approach in Clojure. I will refer to your book, but I can't find an article or a video, selling this idea in short. There are good talks (, about data oriented design in c++, but I think it's a little bit different and more about gamedev.


Yep it's totally different.


I like what they say about benefits of not using classes though, not only about performance


@UL05W6AEM check out @viebel blog there several articles with overview of the topic


Thanks! And do you know, did anyone use this term (data oriented programming) before Yehonathan?

Yehonathan Sharvit13:06:03

Since the launch of Clojure the term “data-oriented” has been used informally inside the Clojure community. • Stuart Sierra in his 2012 talk mentions Data-Oriented Prgogramming • Mike Nygard (one of the foreword authors of my book) used data-orientation in 2016 • Eric Normand used data-orientation in 2019


Thank you for your replies, I found exactly what I needed! I have also found a simple video with rewriting OOP-expersts code without OOP which seems an easy to understand without being theoretically prepared;ab_channel=CodingTech