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Ashwin Bhaskar00:06:45

hello cursive developers, I have a registered cursive plugin on intellij. For some reason I don't get the intention light-bulb anymore. What could be the reason for this?


Check under Settings | Editor | Intentions and ensure that the Clojure ones are enabled.

Yevgeni Tsodikov10:06:45

Hi all, Does Cursive support, as suggested in the Clojure style guide?

Ivar Refsdal10:06:33

Does not seem like it here, no link for kangaroo in this example/test.

Yevgeni Tsodikov11:06:53

Doesn’t work for me either, at least with the out-of-the-box settings. I was wondering if this is an opt-in behavior or a missing behavior?


It doesn't right now, but will soon.

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Ivan Koz21:06:29

Do we have a way to set default namespace for nrepl started via deps.edn? Lein does it via middleware, nrepl team is just thinking of implement the directive for that.