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hi folks, i'm trying to use [email protected] which is a typescript package, i'm getting . {:tag, :entries ["./main.js" "./index.js"], :package-dir #object[ 0x2be31a66 "/home/geraldo/projetos/crudis/node_modules/react-router-dom"]} ExceptionInfo: package in /home/geraldo/projetos/crudis/node_modules/react-router-dom specified entries but they were all missing, These are the files at the root of node-modules


shadow does not compiles typescript right ? I've asked on react-router forum and they told me it was an oversight. They instructed me to use "react-router-dom": "6.4.0-pre.2" which is js.


@geraldodev the package is just broken. in package.json it referneces these files

"main": "./main.js",
  "module": "./index.js",
but they are not included in the package. it will not work in any bundler and has nothing to do with typescript or shadow-cljs. someone just forgot to put the files in the package when publishing

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Why babel is run when shadow is compiling cljs to js?