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Hi everyone, I’m an experienced (10 YOE) engineer who specializes in UI engineering. Last few years I’ve been in roles where I have gone deep into javascript tooling, React-Native, performance optimization (react). How does someone like me find clojurescript roles?

Mario Giampietri19:06:38

Plenty of companies hiring for Clojure(Script or not) devs require you to be interested in the language, not to have already experience with it (even if obviously previous experience is always welcome). So I'd say apply for the positions you are interested in, as long as they don't state clauses such as "required previous X years experience with cljs".


Hi @U017QU43430 thanks for the input! Do you know of any job boards tailored to clojurescript?

Mario Giampietri20:06:24

I'm not aware of any, as far as I know most ClojureScript positions are in the same places where you find the Clojure ones (so, channels jobs and remote-jobs here, BraveClojure job boards and similars).

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@U052T6GN2 is not a job board, but can be treated as a list of leads, perhaps?


Anecdotally speaking good frontend clojurescript people are in short supply, and having a deep understanding of the js ecosystem is a huge plus, so I wouldn't hesitate to apply to any cljs job you see.

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thanks for replies everyone!