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hi there -- clojure/cursive newbie here and trying to get things set up to work with colleagues using emacs. in the Clojure for the Brave and True book (emacs chapter) it says:

When editing Clojure, it's best to have a set of Clojure-specific key bindings, like C-c C-k to load the current buffer into a REPL and compile it.
is there a cursive equivalent for this keybinding to compile? we have some downstream tools that have compilation prerequisites and i'm trying to figure out how to compile individual files in cursive. thank you!


My fingers want to say "shift-command-L"...yep, that loads the current file/namespace. "shift-command-P" sends the current top-level sexp to the repl.


oh nice, let me give it a try. thanks!


The intellij action name is "load file in repl" afair


btw, @U03N2FSMV42, once you have launched a Clojure repl in I/J, there will be a whole new submenu for "REPL" on the Tools menu. It will have the clojure logo next to it. That will then show you various repl commands and their keychords, if any. And you can change keychord assignments in InteliJ with sufficient preferences/settings bashing.


worked like magic -- thank you!


this article put together a very emacs-like keybinding config for cursive: your cider colleagues might feel right at home with it.

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