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@borkdude I'm seeing something a bit confusing - sometimes, but not always, when I go to compile my cljs code, which makes use of sci.core/copy-ns, I will get an error like this:

Encountered error when macroexpanding sci.core/copy-ns.
IllegalStateException: Attempting to call unbound fn: #'sci.impl.cljs/cljs-ns-publics
There is of course a related stack trace, but I'm not sure how helpful it would be. Does this make any sense to you at all? I don't understand why this is "suddenly" not working. I saw this the other day and upgraded to 0.3.32, thinking that fixed it, but evidently I was incorrect.


@pmooser I've seen this too and it will go away when you clear your .shadow-cljs directory (assuming you use shadow-cljs)


Ahhh ... @borkdude I am indeed using shadow-cljs - is it safe for me to just blow away that whole directory, as far as you know?


Ok, just nuking .shadow-cljs/builds did it I think - thank you !


Yeah, it is safe. I'm not sure what is a better solution, but in sci.core, the cljs analyzer api loaded when you're using it from CLJS but not when using it from JVM Clojure without ClojureScript (as SCI should not depend on ClojureScript). So it's a little bit tricky. Maybe I should move copy-ns for CLJS to sci.cljs or so


Ah hrm ... hard to say. I'm happy to have a workaround for the moment though.