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Jacob O'Bryant02:07:33

Thanks everyone for joining the pair programming thing earlier today. Just got the recording up:

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Jacob O'Bryant02:07:44

Is there anyone who would like to come to a future coding session but can't make it at 9:30 AM Pacific on a Thursday? I think a nice routine would be to do these on the first and third Thursdays of each month.* However if it's helpful, we could mix up the time/day sometimes instead of sticking with a routine every time. (Does 9:30 AM Pacific on the 21st work for you @jeffparker?) *In general, as a backup/default plan I can always do some coding myself while thinking out loud (I'll be coding on Biff/Platypub anyway, might as well record some of it), and then whenever we have someone else who wants to be the driver, we can upgrade to a pair session. So doing these twice a month should work pretty well for me, but don't feel obligated to come to all of them 🙂 .


Yes, 9:30 AM Pacific on the 21st works for me. Thanks.

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Jacob O'Bryant02:07:13

(Also these don't have to be just for Platypub! If you've got your own Biff project we can still do a pair session and I'll try to help you out)

Jacob O'Bryant22:07:42

Just added a platypub commit that adds a custom config key for navigation links. This is a small breaking change; if you have a site deployed and it didn't have an About page, you'll want to remove that from the nav links.


Let me know a date - 9:30 Pacific works fine -- I am finally getting off the ground

Jacob O'Bryant17:07:07

Great. Next one will be on the 21st; I'll send out an email update for it too.