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Bardia Pourvakil15:07:34

Hey is there anyway I can package clojure-mode as a JS library to use inside a web project


@bardia.95.pourvakil Hey! I think you can. Why not?

Bardia Pourvakil15:07:21

What are the steps to do so?


I've done that myself here as well, with shadow-cljs:

Bardia Pourvakil15:07:28

Any resources I can check out


I used this for only highlighting clojure, not anything more sophisticated


I guess this demo project is also something you can look at (even more so):


Maybe @andrea712 can also give some advice since he worked on this very recently

Bardia Pourvakil16:07:35

And doing this shadow cljs build will allow me to use this library inside a JS project?


@bardia.95.pourvakil my last interaction with your employer went pretty poorly so I'm not willing to put in the time to figure this out for them. And please stop spamming me with the same question on different channels.