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There was some discussion around REBL integration, I've not noticed any updates on that, just wondering if there's been any that I've missed? =)...


I don’t think so, no. As far as I know, the best option is to use nREPL with one of the middleware options (I think looks best, but I’ve not tried any of them). Is there more that you’d want in terms of integration?


Oh, I wasn't sure what was available, I just vaguely remembered you saying that you had something similar on your roadmap. If that's not the case fine 😃... I really enjoy just using cursive, so even if I'm using REBL it would have to fit with it for it to be somewhat useful 😃...


Yes, I’d like to add a data structure browser, and there’s scope for that to do some REBL-like things, but I haven’t developed anything along those lines yet, sorry.


@U0567Q30W Are you still also working on a way to visualize the REPL output without having the REPL editor open?


Yes, I am!

👍 2

Ah good to know