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Drew Verlee13:08:27

My goal is to see if i can help with some of the clj-kondo open issues. I believe my best bet is first to establish how to run the main functionality so i can what information is returned and how it's used. My intution is that that functionality is contained in clj-kondo.core/run!. Luckily there is even an example in a comment. Is this example still good? I see a files key that doesn't seem to be used by the function


@drewverlee I think that comment form is stale :). I think your best bet for working examples is the test suite


Thanks for the intent to help out!


I have marked a bunch of tickets as "PR Welcome": That doesn't mean that other issues aren't welcome to PR-ed but sometimes a ticket needs more thought/discussion before implementation. The PR welcome tickets are fairly well figured out already.

Drew Verlee13:08:42

thanks @borkdude ill take a look.

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Drew Verlee22:08:00

One of the things that i'm constantly perplexed by is how often my repl experience breaks or changes from project to project. In this case if i try to eval this file, i'm told that linters/arity-error doesn't exist.

Drew Verlee23:08:28

@borkdude It's hard to tell by looking at the tests where to trace back the code that's being tested. e.g doesn't explicitly call upon any function (i can tell). Would i be correct in assuming an issue like might be solved by assing an linter and i should read