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Chris McCormick13:08:48

Hey all, @borkdude suggested I announce the retro-computing aesthetics Twitter bot I just finished building. It's built with nbb (which was a joy to build with for this project). Here's the announce Tweet where you can find a link to the bot ("c64core") and to the nbb/cljs source code: Enjoy!

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We are happy to announce [metosin/malli "0.6.0"], a summer vacation edition. Malli is a complete validation and specification library for Clojure/Script. The release has the following changes: • new tools to instrument function values and schematized vars • new repl/development tools to watch function registry emitting clj-kondo & instrumentation on changes (clj only) • optional fipp-based pretty printer for runtime (function schema) errors • support for var-metadata based function schemas - annotate your code without dependencies to malli • proper function schema guide: • robust humanized errors - error forms are derived from the first error, fixes all reported bugs • much faster collection validation and transformation, kudos to @ben.sless 🚀 • new malli->plantuml schema transformer • lot’s of small improvements • small breaking changes, check CHANGELOG for details. Big thanks to all contributors and testers! If you are interested in using or developing malli, join #malli The new dev-tooling in action:

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