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Can someone remind me why Cursive occasionally decides it cannot find definitions, including those of Clojure primitives? Not all, tho, are unresolved. Functions define in project source are OK. But not defn and prn, and not functions etc from required libs. I tried invalidating caches and restarting without any luck. The app builds fine and runs under shadow-cljs. In a similar project Cursive can find definitions with no problem. I have now re-built in a second directory from scratch and all symbols are resolved fine by cursive. This happens occasionally, just not often enough for me to remember the magic spell! Thx. 🙏


Thx, @U0567Q30W! This is exactly the thing that so rarely comes up! Also, I forgot I had built this project by hand adding deps.edn and more from a walkthru tutorial. I guess I never noticed the dread unresolved symbols. I also never noticed the "Clojure Deps" toolwindow before. Been using Cursive for a decade. 🙂 This is the second RTFM in a week, I should skim the doc and see what else I am missing.


Well, it comes up often enough that it has a dedicated doc section now 🙂