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Are things that I println to the REPL output window stored in a log file somewhere? I performed a long-running computation (several hours) and println'd the results to the REPL with the intention of copy-pasting them once the computation was completed, but IntelliJ froze after the computation was complete and copy-paste doesn't work. I'm hoping that I can find the results in a log somewhere instead of running the whole computation again. (Note to self: next time persist the results to disk!)


Never mind, I managed to export my results by selecting all the text in the REPL and choosing File | Print and printing to PDF, then copy-pasting from the PDF. Phew.

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Jeff Evans14:06:03

so, you managed to save the answer to Life, The Universe, and Everything. nice


Cursive colours as comments anything following ; char (within a line) and forms following #_. Is there a way of colouring (comment) forms as comments?


Another perspective - some people write a large percent of their code inside comment blocks and appreciate that it is highlighted like normal code.


use #_(comment ,,,), so even if the #_ is removed accidentally, the program inside won't run, when you load the file.

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I'm one of those people, who write a lot of code inside comment blocks and I think it's nuts not to do so, because it's just too easy to accidentally load a source file, full of top-level code, which might be side-effecting. I guess most of the time it would throw some exception and most expressions would be just impure, but not side-effecting, but still feels unnecessary risk. I can imagine that others' tooling doesn't make it easy to accidentally load a namespace, but wouldn't that mean that accessing such a basic operation is not as easy as possibly can be?


oh right, I haven't thought about #_ in front of (comment... ). Thanks

Ian Fernandez19:06:20

Error handling response - class java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException: Wrong line: 233. Available lines count: 171 Why I'm getting this error on running tests?


I’m not sure, it does look like the error Jeff posted. What do your tests look like? Are you using any odd test forms, or just deftest?