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com.github.seancorfield/next.jdbc "1.2.674" -- * Fix #167 by adding :property-separator to next.jdbc.connection/dbtypes and using it in jdbc-url. * Address #166 by adding next.jdbc/with-logging to create a wrapped connectable that will invoke logging functions with the SQL/parameters and optionally the result or exception for each operation. Fix :unit_count references in Getting Started* (were :unit_cost). * Update test-runner. Follow-up in #sql

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com.github.seancorfield/honeysql "2.0.0-rc3" -- * Fix #328 by adding :distinct as special syntax, affecting an expression. * Address #327 by changing “unknown clause” error to including mention of “nil values” (which are also illegal). * Fix #327 by making single-argument helpers consistent with multi-argument helpers. * Support PostgreSQL’s && array operator. Clarify how to SELECT a function expression (in Getting Started*). * Update test-runner. Follow-up in #honeysql

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Just published Chlorine v0.12.0 for Atom - in this release, fixes for Lumo and Clojerl socket REPLs, an improved "Doc for Var" that uses markdown to render documentation (toggable - you can disable that) and also gets source (if it's a function) or var contents (if it's not) for most, if not all, REPLs that Chlorine supports. I'll publish a Clover version soon also - discussions on #chlorine-clover 🙂

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