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Petrus Theron08:06:30

Hi Portuguese Clojurians! I work for a Porto-based fintech and want to encourage adoption of Clojure in our company. However, I am getting some pushback about the potential hiring risk of Clojure, so I would like to investigate the Clojure skill pool in Portugal. Could anyone please shed some light about what it’s like to hire for Clojure skills in Portugal? And if you could point me to a relevant PT job board where I could post some positions, that would be appreciated. Thanks!

Jivago Alves11:06:38

Hi @petrus, my team is based in Portugal. We use Clojure in the projects for our current client. Unfortunately, I don’t have a job board to point you to. I know of at least another company using Clojure in the past. In our experience, we were able to hire senior people that don’t know Clojure but are strong engineers and they pick up Clojure in a month or two I guess. We do pair programming so it is super easy to onboard people in the project and the language. Of course, it takes more time to be an expert but IMO people feel productive in the language very fast.

Petrus Theron11:06:38

Hi @jivagoalves! Yes, that also reflects my experience that I can teach competent engineers the language very quickly as long as I offer some guidance in navigating the ecosystem.