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G’day. I’m Brad, a dev in Canada. Spent a lot of time with React/Redux, often joined with Ramda to make it more functional. My daughter started using Clojurescript at a co-op job, so I gave it a try. I immediately had a “where have you been all my life” feeling. Using Reitit/Re-Frame now to rewrite a site I’ve had up for years. Good times. Questions incoming. 😛 Pre-thanks all!

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Hi! I think it's three first time I've heard someone finding Clojure via their kids. But maybe it's not that odd. I once started to play a bit with Lua, because my son was using it to script Minecraft. 😀

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Indeed! I think it’s amazing she’s learning Clojure at a co-op job.. her first one too. Awesome.

Collier Worley15:06:39

Hello everyone! Coming from Python and JS into this brave new world. Hope everyone is doing well!

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