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how can i get a Babashka repl in cursive? :thinking_face:


ah i saw the thread, coming soon


in run with deps in aliases it complains that is not a valid alias name, because of the dots - but cursive seems happy with it elsewhere.


so.. I guess it is valid. This is from the clojurescript project deps.edn


according to the clojure docs, keywords aren't supposed to contain periods in their name part


which was a TIL for me about 2 months ago


thanks didn't know that. @U050B88UR can the Clojurescript deps.edn aliases be changed? It seems the names are not valid (keywords containing dots) and Cursive doesn't allow them 😞

Ivar Refsdal18:05:37

Hi. I tried evaluating (send to repl) (println "\r1111\r222") and it outputs:

whereas in regular clj/clojure it will output 2221. Is there any way to support the \r character in Cursive REPL?


Replete gives the same as Cursive. Just noting.


I looked into this issue a while back. Apperantly it's an IntelliJ issue. It might be this one

Ivar Refsdal07:05:24

The run console is not the same as the REPL console?


> The run console is not the same as the REPL console True, but i figured they might be pretty similar (at least it wouldn't work out of the box). Good find on the SO answer though!


just be prepared for it never being supported 😄 I'm not bashing Cursive/cfleming, there's just a huge backlog of things to do so the ETA for that may be "never"

Ivar Refsdal17:05:43

Sure I agree the backlog is huge. However other people may know it's been requested if nothing else.


It’s sad but true. However there may be a workaround now - Cursive does have some limited support for ANSI codes. I just tested this, and this works in Cursive:

(println (str "Hello" \u001b "[1KWorld"))

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However it doesn’t do exactly the same thing in the terminal - in the terminal it erases the Hello with spaces but doesn’t move the caret to the start of the line.


However the ETA for “make Cursive a full terminal emulator” is definitely “never” 🙂

Ivar Refsdal08:05:38

Excellent @U0567Q30W ❤️ Thanks! That's all I need for using progrock