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Joshua Suskalo19:05:14

Hey! I've just tried to build the cljdoc documentation for, and it failed on this build: It looks like this is because it tried to load and document the hooks namespace that I made as a part of my clj-kondo support this release, and it failed because the path doesn't match up with the ns name. Is there any way I can tell cljdoc to ignore those .clj files as it produces documentation?

Joshua Suskalo20:05:35

Do I just need to put a ^:no-doc meta on the namespace? Will that work?


Unfortunately ^:no-doc still requires the namespace to be valid. Is there a reason to include the clj-kondo hooks files within the jar? Does clj-kondo scan for them?

Joshua Suskalo22:05:16

Yes, clj-kondo looks on the classpath for resources in a particular directory, and the namespaces must not include that full path.

Joshua Suskalo22:05:47

For the library I linked to, there are several macros which kondo doesn't understand, and so a config must be exported which provides code to partially expand them into forms that it does understand, and they have specific requirements about how the namespaces must be positioned.


Cool. Can you open an issue which details where clj-kondo expects this config? We can then adjust the analyzer to delete those files before analysis.

Joshua Suskalo23:05:25

@U050TNB9F This issue has it, and I'm curious, is there any way I can get cljdoc to rebuild the 1.1.1 release of farolero once this is fixed?


Yes, there’s a hidden button just to the left of the GitHub repo link (top right).


See the highlighted piece of the page:

Joshua Suskalo00:05:35

Oh awesome! Thanks!