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Set an environment variable in a native image :-D

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that’s amazing


and the C interop doesn’t even look that bad


Has anyone tried graalvm + native image targetting iOS or android? (JavaFX support would be a non-goal) It seems like the recommended solution is Gluon. Gluon has a free version, but includes a nag screen (see and the projects I have in mind are just FOSS libraries (paying would be no big deal for a work project). I also was looking at the, but it seems like the support necessary for iOS/android is still forthcoming. It would be super cool to embed clojure on mobile! (I know cljs is an option, but graalvm seems promising)


@smith.adriane Does Gluon make an exception for OSS projects perhaps? You could also try the GraalVM slack linked in the topic


I don't see any OSS exceptions, but I guess it wouldn't hurt to reach out. I'll check the graalvm slack link!


Johan Vos is on there as well, he's the main guy behind Gluon


when I click on the graalvm slack link, it takes me to a slack sign in page and asks me what the workspace name is


Feel free to update the link here

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