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Matheus Gomes00:05:21

Hi, everyone. The symbol resolution is a really cool feature, is there any way to create a custom resolver so I can use at Resolve something as...?


Do you mean for some custom form? There isn’t at the moment, but it’s something I’ve long planned to allow. Unfortunately I have to refactor some of the oldest code in Cursive before that happens, and that has taken a long time to get to.

Matheus Gomes14:05:24

Nice! Looking forward to this feature, thanks for the explanation


@cfleming have you had any complaints about performance recently? Our dev team (8 full-time cursive users) are all noticing significant slow-downs. This is all pretty anecdotal, and I appreciate that isn't very helpful. I'm just fishing at the moment. Speaking personally, my IntelliJ is just freezing for a few seconds at a time fairly frequently as I navigate around the Clojure code.


No, I haven’t - is there anything in particular that seems to provoke it?


If you could get it to be somewhat reproducible, could you send a performance snapshot? Details here:

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I experience that too, intellij freezes a lot lately, I’m often forced to kill it (I open multiple projects in several tabs _ on Mac)


@U0CL38MU1 If it freezes, you should find some directories with automatically-generated thread dumps in your logs directory. If you find any, could you zip them up and email them to me at <mailto:[email protected]|[email protected]>?


oh good to know, I’ll do that thank you


thanks for the fast response. I'm not sure we are doing anything in particular to provoke this. I'll have a look at the article you link and see if I can capture something for you. I very much understand how difficult it can be to nail down this kind of thing.


I have only very recently have noticed rare (2-3 times a day perhaps) freezes of 2-3 seconds each where the whole editor freezes. It almost feels like some sort of s”Stop the world GC” is running within IntelliJ. Definitely nothing dramatic. 99.9% of the time everything is fast as usual.


I'm seeing this too. Not sure if it's cursive or the ide. Doesn't seem to be indexing


@U0510KXTU Do you get the generated thread dumps? Can you email them over if so?


I'll try and catch the next one


They should be in your log directory from previous stalls.


emailed you one


I switched back to 2020.3 and the freezing has gone. phew! It was starting to drive me crazy


@U051B9FU1 Interesting, thanks - which IntelliJ version were you on previously? Had you upgraded to 2021.1.1? They fixed a lot of indexing bugs there, but I don’t know if it also addressed performance.

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It was 2021.1. I hadn't tried going to 2021.1.1 yet