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Hey everyone, Here's a getting started tutorial for VsCode + Calva + WSL2 which I wrote some time ago (and updated recently for the latest versions) Let me know if you have any feedback/run across any problems

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Hi, does anyone know how can I disable linting so I don't get tons of red squiggles?


AFAIK lsp turns on more squiggles by default: if there is an unresolved symbol, it squiggles it everywhere, but the default behavior of clj-kondo is only the first one. I think you can revert to this default and that may already help. cc @ericdallo The other option is to disable it completely.

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:report-duplicates false is probably what you want (and this is what clj-kondo defaults to normally)


You can disable the linter completely as well, as documented over there


Gotta read that better.