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trying to get up and running with cursive (from emacs). i have a shadow cljs project and started shadow in a terminal via yarn dev but no matter what i do i can’t load a cljs file. any suggestions?

Syntax error (FileNotFoundException) compiling at (src/app/core.cljs:1:1).
Could not locate app/views__init.class, app/views.clj or app/views.cljc on classpath.


@benny this is an error from clojure. do you have a :require-macros or something else macro related for app.views but only a app/views.cljs?


i don’t, i literally ran lein new re-frame sockettest , opened it in cursive, ran npx shadow-cljs server in a terminal, created and ran a remote nREPL run config, switched to cljs and tried switching to the namespace