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In spacemacs, can I reuse a cider session from another project that I am no longer working on, iso. shutting the old one down and startung a new one?


That does not gain anything in my opinion.


@nick.romer sesman keybindings were added to the clojure layer in Spacemacs earlier in the year, so there are quite a few options


I havent really re-used CIDER sessions, so would be interested to hear what works for you, if you are able to share some time. Thanks.


Well, simply open a clj file and launch a cider session via cider Jack in (, '). Then open a clj file from a different project (but in my case it had the same dependencies) and use SPC m m l b = link buffer to REPL session (sesman-link-with-buffer) to reuse the existing session.

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