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{:a 1 :b 2}
=> {:a 1, :b 2}
Is a way to print this without commas? Is it Cursive thing or Clojure / REPL setting?


That’s Clojure doing that. I’m not sure whether you can turn that off or not. Why do you need maps without commas? They can be read fine as is.


I know. Not a big deal, but I past this maps to tests and I like maps without commas. Just a habit and something to what I used to.


So on the end each time I remove all this commas manually 😉


i usually select ", ", then press Ctrl-G a few times to create a multi-cursor, then press Enter to take every key-value pair onto a new line. without commas it wouldn't be so trivial to nicely format it 🙂


Sometimes I need maps during developing without commas to past into tests etc.


code style conventions could be one case

Alex Miller (Clojure team)13:06:08

(I don't know of a print setting to not print commas)


hi, I'm trying to connect to a remote nREPL (shadow-cljs) and I'm getting Exception while trying to sync input stream: .SocketException: Connection reset as soon as I try to connect. I've verified that the address I'm attempting to connect to is correct (localhost:9000, netstat -lt | grep 9000 confirms that it's listening only when my shadow-cljs process is running). does anyone have ideas for debugging this?


FWIW I'm using someone else's project template and I've never had this problem on my own projects so I fear there might be some kind of config issue here


doh, nevermind... I was using "socket nrepl" instead of "Nrepl" for connection type 🙂