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vim-iced has nrepl test integration, also for babashka:


humdum, found out Termux/Android supports python, so awscli works even, wondering if Android build of babashka would be possible :)


thanks, fresh land for adventure :)


Added some real world examples of ProcessBuilder usage here:

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Help please, can I use babashka in Ubuntu 18.04 lts version?


I believe I installed it in 19.04 (I assume) and am now on 20.04, so I have to assume it works on 18.04 as well. 🙂


I am using bb on ubuntu 18.04 lts. works great.

samedhi23:06:26 Apologies if this is a bit spammy, but I just wanted to say how much I appreciate having a useful scripting language for things on the shell. It isn't the most clever script, but it is something I need in the small. I can't even begin to describe how much more complicated it would be to write this in BASH or whatever. I really appreciate bb for letting me focus on things that I understand in Clojure rather than forcing me to re-hydrate my knowledge of Python and BASH.

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